How to purchase Gold

Honest information if you want to buy gold, silver, platinum or palladium

How to purchase Gold - Honest information if you want to buy gold, silver, platinum or palladium

Gold vs Bank

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Have you ever bought or invested in gold, and/or you would like do do so?
It is important that you know how it works and why owning gold can be interesting. If you want to own physical gold, in the form of coins or bars, then there are some choices to make.

Before we are going to look into these choices, I want you strongly to advice that you DO NOT buy gold if you think the price will rise quickly. Of course you can hope so, but in my opinion you should only buy physical gold with your savings, not with investments.

So if you have savings and you don’t want to keep your dollars or euros in a bank account, I think it is a wise decision to switch your savings into gold.
You can buy gold in the form of coins or bars. There are two things you can do now. Namely to take it home, or to put it in your bank’s safe-deposit. The choice is yours.

Remember, home store has the risk of a break-in sufficient to let your savings disappear. So you really have to have a safe place.
Storing in the safe of the bank is also possible, but then there is no guarantee that the government at some point want or need some or all of it.

There are two good solutions:

  1. Buy your gold with the best provider, namely GoldMoney.
  2. Open an account at Euro Pacific Bank
    , unfortunately, not as perfect as GoldMoney, but Euro Pacific is the safest bank in the world. The reason is very simple, they do nothing with your money. They keep it only for you. Therefore there is no risk that this bank goes bankrupt and all your money / gold would disappear. This can indeed happen whit all the other banks.

The choice is yours!

The big reset of the system, interview with Christine Lagarde

The big reset of the system


Written by Tom Lassing
We know very little about it, we hear from the authorities even less about it. Yet it is inevitable that the economic, monetary and maybe even the organizational reset will become very realistic.
Unavoidable, because the amount of debt (governments) has become far to big!

You can wait as authorities till it reaches that point and will be ultimately unsustainable. The disadvantage is that you are not sure that you will stay in control of power. What advantage would it bring if America and Europe in fact become ungovernable by chaos and the world economic would be put back dozens, if not hundreds of years? Nobody will be a winner.
Rather, as a ruler you would intervene before it reaches that point. With this stately you stay in control as much as possible and you could defense your power the best way. My vision is that people with (banking) world power, the IMF, the World Bank, the ECB and the BIS case deliberately go for a global reset, before country by country we are forced by the market to do so. But how?

Christine Lagarde is very clear about it. She wants first a fiscal cleanup and a legal record of the power of the financial sector. In other words, one must recognize the power of the bankers worldwide. In addition, governments need to get the (budget) leak to the surface and should both, the banks and governments find a balance that makes survival possible .
When that’s done, you can take the next step and that is the big reset where you actually have to let go of the old currency and create a new (world) one. A currency that you have to exchange and will loose tremendously on return. For example, you give ten coins and get one in return.

In cash and savings, your ability goes down 90%. This is necessary to pay off the debts! Debts Cash money is money that is left.
The authorities need to have full economic control before they can take that step. Therefor, this step can only be taken after the current actions are completed and discipline will be back.
Christine also admits that the current monetary system curtailed the economy. The reason is interest , but she did not say that with so many words. It could be possible that the bankers will let go on interest in the future, if they will be compensated by more power.

The IMF has already gone into preparing Iran in 2013 . Their economy was separated from that of the rest of the world. Their economy was also independent of banking power. They let go on that situation now and even Iran is under the thumb of the bankers. The country can’t save itself on his own.
How do I get this wisdom? Now, simple, Christine Lagarde has told all this herself in this interview…



The development of the dollar-gold relationship

We know very little about how ridiculous the gold standard worked till 1971. Funny really, because our money system originated from the gold standard system. French President De Gaulle was convinced that no other honest money system was actually possible then a money system with gold as the base.

He let the fraudulent system that America had set up after World War II collapse, but did not get in return what he had expected.
The gold standard was abolished and the Western world was in a growth spurt like never before. Confidence in money was greater than ever and without the backing of gold it was possible to print money. The unbelievable happened, people kept faith in a system that was set up unfair and fully trusted on trust.

As late Einstein once said, there are two things infinite … The universe and the stupidity of people. Only the first I may have my doubts …
The Moneysysteem without gold backing was like a drug rush.
The question is when we wake up from that rush … or do you think this moneysystem is that sound that it will survive?

Watch this interesting 10 minute video. It explains everything very clearly, and everyone should know this!

People from Cyprus talk

How people from Cyprus think about Banks, Money and Bitcoins.

People from Cyprus talk

This is the truth nowadays, savings in excess of € 100,000 now simply are balances of the bank. When something goes wrong with a bank, then the saver is equal to the shareholder and bondholder. Your money is good enough to help the bank. You are no longer the owner of it . It was not a slip of the tong of Mr.Dijsselbloem, he was only a week to early. Of course, this will also apply to amounts below €100,000 in the near future, when it appears that they cannot gain any more from amounts over €100,000. Politicians and bankers in that matter are terribly predictable.

Cyprus and the required solution

“The banking sector in Cyprus is decimated. That is the core of the new agreement. Of the two largest Cypriot banks, Bank of Cyprus and Laiki, representing 80 percent of the market respectively, the first is completely closed and the second restructured into a compact, smaller bank. Savings under 100,000 euros are safe. Everything above from Laiki is wiped out and the other bank probably greatly reduced. “

Cyprus and the required solution

People trying to withdraw their money

or else … Yes, what else? What happened in Cyprus was a disaster for Europe. Stupid proposals, bad diplomacy and ultimately the banks closed for a week, without having a solution available. Like a headless chicken running around. The population of Cyprus does not understand how banks could have 26 billion in Russian money and still threaten to go bankrupt. What the hell have they done with all that money and is this allowed? Continue reading